Our Story 1

After graduating from culinary school, the idea of slaving away for countless hours in a professional kitchen was low on my list of dreams. After much contemplation and searching, I (Dominique) decided the art of fine bread making was my passion and was something I desired to pursue.

So, I made the trek from Johannesburg all the way to beautiful Mossel Bay, to do an apprenticeship in Artisan Bread baking for two months. It was an invaluable experience in learning what it takes to be an Artisan Bread Baker and gaining all the skills required to make quality bread.

When I returned, I started experimenting by baking various bread for friends and family. Doing this allowed me to see what people liked (or not!), and also gave me time to refine my recipes until I was happy with the quality of my bread. This lead to my husband (Nathan) and I eventually deciding to start a business baking quality artisan bread in Johannesburg South.

Our philosophy is to create quality over quantity, meaning all of our bread is hand-made with the finest stone ground unbleached flour. We believe bread is like a fine wine. When everything is just right, and you give it enough time, you get something magical. Time makes everything better, which is why we use a long fermentation process to maximize the flavor in the bread.

We do not believe our bread is perfect, which is why we continually experiment with new methods and techniques. We welcome constructive criticism as we are our biggest critics. We strive to make bread that not only tastes good but bread we're also proud to sell. 

At the moment, our bread is available to buy publicly and to order (pickup) every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. We also run a monthly Artisan Bread Making course/workshop at our home bakery in Johannesburg South for anyone interested in learning to make artisan bread.

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