Our Bread

We believe in REAL bread. The breads you find in shops these days are generally mass produced, resulting in unhealthy and low quality bread. We believe real bread requires time and quality ingredients.

We believe bread is like a fine wine. When everything is just right, and you give it enough time, you get something magical. Time makes everything better, which is why we use a long fermentation process to allow the flavor in the bread to develop to its maximum potential. This results in smells that taunt you and delicious crunchy heaven.

Some of our loaves of bread also contain a natural sourdough starter. The sourdough starter was created using a natural fermentation process resulting in a wild yeast that we use to leaven our bread. Our sourdough loaves of bread have a distinct tang, enhancing the overall flavor of the bread.

All the breads are made with unbleached stone-ground Eureka flour for more healthy and wholesome flavors.



Our French Baguettes are best known for their extra crunchy flavorsome crust and light crumb. They are made over 24 hours using a 'poolish' pre-ferment giving a rich depth of flavor.

They are best eaten fresh on the day since they dry out quicker than larger loaves of bread.



Ciabatta means "Slipper" in Italian and was named that because the bread is shaped or pulled into a form that resembles a slipper.

Our Ciabatta is also made over 24 hours allowing the flavors to develop. The loaf creates beautiful slices of bread with a soft crust and a chewy interior crumb. The bread can easily be kept for many days and also freezes well.

Rye Sourdough


Our Rye Sourdough is rich in flavor due to its natural sourdough starter. The sourdough starter contains a natural yeast that develops during fermentation meaning we don't add any store-bought yeast! That's how the ancients made bread...

We also add crushed wholemeal rye giving the bread more texture and flavor. The bread is great for people who suffer from gluten intolerance because Rye contains less gluten.

Wholewheat Sourdough


Our wholewheat loaf is also made using a natural sourdough starter. The flour used is wholewheat flour, meaning that the entire wheat berry is ground up resulting in a flour that contains all the healthy components of the wheat (that are removed in processed flour).

The end result is a healthy loaf of bread jammed with intense flavors due to the long fermentation of the wholewheat using our sourdough starter.