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Artisan Bread Making Course

There's nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a tasty bite from a warm loaf of bread that YOU took the time to make. Join us for a day of fun and learning!

In our Artisan Bread making course/workshop, we cover the core fundamentals as well as more advanced concepts of Artisan Bread Baking. By the end of the workshop, you will have all the knowledge necessary to make quality artisan bread.

On the course we will cover:

1. The science behind long fermentation bread.
2. The bread making process.
3. Bread baker’s formula.
4. Bread shaping.
5. Different baking techniques. 

Our workshops are one-day workshops that you can choose to attend on a Saturday or a Sunday - see below for dates.

The workshop will include hands-on practical teaching (prepare to get your hands messy!) where you will get to make your bread from scratch. It also includes a light pizza lunch made from homemade dough (of course!) baked in our pizza oven.

(Dominique and I have been running our monthly artisan bread baking workshops since 2015. Together we've taught over 400 people how to bake amazing bread at home! Authentic bread baking is our passion, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.)

Course Details

Time: 9:00am - 4pm (9am - 5pm for the sourdough course)

Venue: Our home bakery at 90 Phantom Street, Raceview, Alberton.

Our Standard Artisan Bread Baking course will be run on Saturdays, and the Sourdough course will run on Sundays (see below for dates).

The Standard course covers the fundamentals of artisan bread baking and is recommended for people who have not baked bread. We dive deep into the core principles and what you learn will allow you to bake any bread at home with confidence using store-bought yeast. On the day, each attendee will make several different loaves of bread from scratch under our supervision and guidance. You'll learn how to make the authentic classic French baguette, batard and Italian ciabatta.

The Sourdough course is for those who are interested in learning the natural sourdough process. We dive into all the benefits of sourdough and cover the fundamentals of maintaining and using a sourdough culture to bake bread. We will also supply you with some of our 4-year-old culture that you can use to bake sourdough bread at home immediately. Sourdough bread is the purest form of bread baking and is extremely rewarding! You'll learn how to bake the classic 'Pain au Levain' and a delicious sourdough Rye bread.

2018 Course Dates

- Saturday 17th March (5 Spots Available - *Standard Course*)

- Saturday 24th March (6 Spots Available - *Standard Course*)
- Sunday 25th March (3 Spots Available - *Sourdough Course*)

- Saturday 21st April (Spots Available - *Standard Course*)

- Saturday 28th April (Spots Available - *Standard Course*)
- Sunday 29th April (Spots Available - *Sourdough Course*)

Price: Each course costs R800 per person

If you would like to give the course as a gift (e.g, Christmas or birthday), we do send printable gift vouchers. Simply make payment using one of the payment methods below and request a gift voucher.

How to Book

Option 1: EFT

- We require at least a 50% deposit to secure your spot. The remainder needs to be paid at least 1 week before the course date.

- Simply choose one of the dates above where there are still spots available and pay the deposit (R400 per person) or full amount.

N.B. Please email your name and details to me after payment so that I can send you the final details.

- Please send proof of payment to

Bank Details:

Name: Crust and Crumb
Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62683880126
Reference: Name/Date

- Upon receiving your payment confirmation, we will confirm your booking and send you the final details!

Please Note: All bookings are non-refundable and cannot be changed in the last two weeks leading up to the bread course.

Option 2: Pay Online

Click on the button below to go through an online checkout for the course you desire to attend.


"What an amazing experience! (And that's really saying something given I'm not a natural or even good baker.) We learnt a great deal and had a fun time, even making our own pizzas for lunch. The advice was practical and translated into steps that one could easily replicate at home. Thanks Nathan and Dominique!" - Rachela


"Loved their beginner's artisan bread baking course. So informative - thanks Dominique and Nathan...The bread is delicious!" - Megs


"Thank you very much for the wonderful course on Saturday and the professional way in which you conducted it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned an immense lot - a bit too much to take in and remember, I fear. I will definitely attend the sourdough course once I have practised a bit." - Mari


"What an amazing experience. Learnt a lot in this theapeutic day fo me. Highly recommended to get away from the daily stresses!" - Christina


"Highly professional, informative and entertaining course.... hosts are also really wonderful, passionate people with an amazing knowledge of bread culture..." - Isabelle


"Highly recommend anyone to come do this bread baking course.......AWESOME" - Mae


"The introduction to Artisan Bread making was really a great and fun experience. The kids polished off the baguette we baked in 2 minutes flat. They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, or butter on toast." - Jason

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